Pubic and Corporate Artwork 

beth kamhi

 Site Specific Public and Corporate Artwork is available for large and smaller projects.  Beth's  extensive background  managing custom and site specific projects helps create a professional and seamless public or corporate project for you and your client collaboration .

"We were honored to feature Beth Kamhi's original artwork on our main floor this fall season, as part of our "Check It Out" fashion campaign.  Beth was a great partner who produced several beautiful and original pieces for our store.  Beth was a pleasure to work with...organized, flexible, and able to meet all of our required deadlines.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with Beth again on future projects."  Carolyn Edward, Vice President, General Manager, Bloomingdale'sCarolyn Edward | VP, General Manager


“My gratitude to Beth!” Gene Kornoto, Dana Hotel and Spa    “Getting wonderful feedback on your Sculpture!” Anita Jerman, Art Consultant Curly Tail Gallery, Chicago

“It was my great pleasure to work with artist Beth Kamhi on the ComEd Fine Art Fridge Exhibit in the Summer of 2010. From our first conversation about the preliminary concept, Ms. Kamhi's approach was collaborative, professional, and intuitive. Once underway, Beth worked quickly and skillfully, and delivered a beautiful piece of art that we were honored to have as part of our exhibit. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude throughout the process made for a very enjoyable work experience. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Ms. Kamhi again in the future.” Laurie Gustafson | Senior Producer,  Leo Burnett Company USA

"When we curate spaces at PROjECT, each piece is placed to serve a purpose. Some to anchor, some to elevate + some to be the showstoppers. Beth Kamhi’s sculptures undoubtedly fall under the league of showstopping, gotta-have-it moments. Whether we’re creating a major focal point, like the killer 10 foot wide key-chain curtain she installed behind a reception desk in one of our recent lobby projects or adding a subtle seductress to a corridor with her oh-so long lineal sculptures that spill onto the floor, we can always count on her timeless creations to add depth, intrigue and life.  Her work draws you in from across the room + gets even better as you approach it. Not only is the end result unmatched, but we couldn’t be more satisfied with the collaboration + selection process.  Beth was even so generous to donate to one of her glam yet gritty gems to a fundraiser we held, which instantly became the hit of our silent auction and added a sizable contribution to the school that we recently built in Nicaragua. We are so grateful to have such a talented artist as a part of our arsenal. Each time we unwrap + install one of her sculptures, we drool, sigh + swoon at its fierceness – can’t wait for that next major moment!" 
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PROjECT Interiors