beth kamhi

After a lifetime moving in the world of creativity, Beth Kamhi combined all of her experience to create the series titled “the secret life…” using hand formed clay, forged steel and copper, glass and embellishments.

Starting as a creative teen in 1970, Beth hand-painted and embellished denim jeans for the astonishing price of $150.00 per pair.  Keeping in the world of fashion, she graduated from FIDM, the Fashion  Institute of Fashion and Merchandising of California and followed that with a career in clothing design in Los Angeles.

 Moving to Chicago, she switched from fashion to food and served as a pastry chef for Gitane. At the same time, she taught numerous cooking courses, including “death by chocolate” and was touted by the Chicago Tribune as an up and coming pastry chef.

Following the birth of her two children, she moved to Glencoe Illinois and switched to decorative painting and murals and became an  ASID interior designer.

“While gardening many years ago, I unearthed a dozen large  metal  motor gears.  These  beautifully rusted gears inspired many of my decorative paint  finishes and murals.  Which eventually  lead me down a creative journey starting with metal work, and then  glass blowing and glass casting  which I  combined to  created a mixed media  sculpture with the gears  in a series titled  “energy”. “

 “I   focused on the  metal and forge work and developed a series titled “fragments of life” in which I assembled and welded hard cut steel “nails” into dimensional wall and table top sculptures.” 

“At the same time, I was also working on a series titled “the secret life…” in copper and steel, and was having  difficultly  making the metal create my vision.  Being a problem solver; I created this series in clay (another medium that I have never experienced before but have an affinity for  the sculptural ceramic process). “ 

“A couple years later; during a very emotional transition in my life; I incorporated  figurative ceramics with my fragments of life nails  in a series titled “ obsession, opportunity and oppression”.”

 “Later my work revolves around  the surface detail of my “secret life of…” series.  The core of the existence is always hidden and sometimes a challenge to reveal."

"My newest work centers on the exploration of these amazing steel beads once used for interior design projects, now  are referencing my rich history in fiber arts, textiles, fashion and interior design.   In a very happy  and creative juncture in my life; this new series  expounds a certain joyfulness and  balance with  the strength of metal... a reflection of me at the moment."